Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More Cowbell!!!

hey guys,

Did you ( band people ) see the MPHS bandwagon group on facebook? Brianne invited me to join it... I just finally got around to looking at it, and there's some awesome pics from back in the day!

I don't know if you can see this without being logged into facebook, but try it:

That's a picture of the clarinet section in 1997! Yeah man, I'm famous! (I say yeah man alot right now. I'm hoping that someone will ask me if I'm high. Of course I'm not actually high. Grad school is so fun, who would need to get high?!?!?)


Tracibub said...
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Tracibub said...

One picture of the clarinet section and a morning rehearsal does not "awesome pictures from back in the day" make...


It's too bad digital cameras weren't as popular back when we were in band. That would have ROCKED.

(I deleted the old one 'cuz of spelling errors... I told you, having kids makes you retarded.)

Amy said...

Um, I guess you have a good point there Bub. Well, next time I'm at my mom's I'll find some good pics of the two of us (HAWT!!!) and post them on facebook.