Sunday, March 2, 2008

...but why is the rum gone?

10 -year summary:
To my plate I can add:

*"Real" job

*Convinced my allergic-to-cats husband to get a cat.

*Baby! (Tailynn is her name, she's 8 mos. old, and children really DO suck your brains away. It's been 8 months and I still feel retarded on a daily basis.)

*Quit my job and am working on a stay-at-home gig.

And swimming with dolphins would rock the world, but I think it's a chick thing. I asked husband and he said "I would rather give myself my ow
n root canal than swim with dolphins." Boys...just so damn funny all the time.

Here's the baby. We were taking Valentine's day portraits. :)


Amy said...

So cute!!!!

I can't believe Matt said that. What does he not like about dolphins?? I'll admit it was pretty funny though.

Tracibub said...

It's not like he dislikes dolphins, but he would much rather do...well...almost anything. :D

Barmy Mama said...

AW!! So are you blowing as much money on baby clothes as I am? I swear the girl dresses better than I do.

Tracibub said...

I scored in the clothing department. This lady (who has incredible taste) gave me all of her clothes for girls, and they turned out to be just the perfect sizes for seasons. It's all Children's Place and Gap and Old Navy stuff! :) But I do splurge on the occasional "OMG that is SO cute" item. And yes, she dresses WAY better than I do!

Barmy Mama said...

I'm a sucker for that Old Navy stuff. Especially if there's a sale. Then I'm done for.

Tracibub said...

Yep, I'm headed there and to Carters today. I need one or two plain white onesies.