Saturday, March 1, 2008


Hey guys!!

Yep you did it right Alisha!! Yay, how cool is our new notebook!? :)

OK, I have a serious question for you guys: How much would you love to swim with dolphins? I would die of excitement if I got to do that. So, one of Sean's friends got to go do that recently, and I was talking about how much fun it would be, and Sean was like, "ummm that sounds ok." WTF? Then I asked another guy last night and he was like, "um yeah whatever, it doesn't sound that great".

Seriously how do these people not understand how cool dolphins are?!?!?


Alisha said...

Ok, so, it would be cool to swim with dolphins, yes. The boys you surveyed just don't get it. However, I cannot help but recall David Duchovney's experience.

A dolphin tried to rape him when he was swimming with it. And he is not alone. It seems that one third of people who swim with dolphins get humped or otherwise sexually-attempted-molested by these suposedly intelligent water beasts.

Although, come to think of it, if I were a dolphin, and I was swimming with david duchovney...can I really say I would do any different?

So really, so long as you truly love dolphins, i mean REALLY love them... it should be cool!

Barmy Mama said...


Amy said...

LOL!!! I would SO hump David D. :) sigh.