Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back again!

So, while I can't check out the band pictures (as I can't log onto facebook), it doesn't sound like any of the pictures are from when I was actually there. Thus, the world continues on turnin'

But the main reason I was posting was to announce that I (with my entourage) will be in Seattle the weekend of March 28-30. Sakura Con baby! While I will not be waiting in any three hour long lines this year in order to get the autograph of the man that I am secretly in love with am a big fan of, we still plan on seeing a lot of anime and shopping 'till we drop. I would also like to get together with anyone who is in the Seattle area during that time.


Amy said...

NOOOOOOOO! I'm going to be gone then!!!! Sorry I'm going to miss you Christina. You guys can stay at my place with my roomies though if you want! :) They're nice. I even have a real bed now (no more air mattress) so it'd almost be like staying in a hotel. A slightly cramped and moldy hotel. with two smelly guys living in it. Ummm I'm really selling this, huh?

anyways, I'm gonna be in Costa Rica that week for spring break with Seany-poo! BTW I am watching DESTINOS online to prepare my espanish!! WOOOOOOO!

miz_witch said...

No worries Amy! We are staying with a friend of mine in Kirkland, so your so kind moldy-cramped offer isn't needed.

Have fun in Costa Rica!