Sunday, August 31, 2008


Yep. That's right. I'm growin' another baby. This one is due on March 19th. I feel like crap. Pregnancy sucks (well, the first 1/3 and last 1/3 do anyway).

We'll find out around Halloween (if we decide to find out at all) what gender this lil' one will be. Other than that, just trying to survive!!

How is everyone else doing? Any good projects going on??


Amy said...

Yeah baabeeeeesss! :)

I have been hanging out with lots of babies lately it seems. I think God is conspiring to make my biological clock start ticking.

Or maybe my friends are just getting to that age where they have babies.

My only "project" is trying to finish this stupid thesis - ideally without going crazy but that's optional. :)

I hope you aren't feeling too sick bub!! :/

Alisha said...

Congratulations, good luck!